Wheels and Tires – “New” Kicks for the Taco

Wheels and Tires: 17″ Ultra Gauntlet Matte Black and BFG AT KO LT 265/70R17 (Purchased and installed May 2012 at Cochrane Toyota)

I wanted a solid summer tire that would take on everything I could throw at it. BFG AT KOs are tried tested and true. At the time I figure I would use the OEM size for my new rims and the matte black makes them super easy to wash off – no shining required! Each tire is mounted with TPMS. Note: I ended up buying some ATEQ products to allow myself to reprogram my ECU to accept new TPMS codes. I also bought a device (from ATEQ as well) that allows me to read sensor codes. Saves me $50 a tire change to let someone else do it and I can use the same gadgets to reprogram my wife’s QX 60 too! Update: The wife’s QX 60 reprograms itself…Doh! It is worth noting that because of the size of the tires, I did end up gaining 1″ of lift and differential clearance. This was before I upgraded the suspension.

Cons: I should’ve minus sized my rims right off the bat to allow more air down potential and to make tire prices cheaper. BFG AT KOs SUCK in the winter. In snow they do ok but on ice, there is ZERO traction. They turn into hockey pucks and mother nature stick handles me like Patrick Kane at Sunday practice. Even in mushy subzero slush they don’t hold up well. Even in 4WD. These do NOT replace a good set of dedicated winter tires. But they look great in the summer! Because of the larger size, there was some tire rubbing in the front wheel well against the mud flap. More on the remedy in the suspension upgrade!



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