Toyota Tacoma

I’ve talked about this truck since University. I can’t even remember when I started thinking about getting one. My first love was a 1994 MK IV Toyota Supra. Then I made the jump to mid sized pickup. Top Gear’s Arctic Challenge might’ve had something to do with it – taking a Hilux and modifying it beyond recognition to be the first “amateur” vehicle to reach the north pole. Maybe Top Gear’s Killing a Toyota had something to do with it. OK, Top Gear may have been a strong influence. Toyota trucks have had a long legacy in reliability and utility worldwide. This as well as the street styled X-Runner trim with lowered suspension, body kit, and cosmetic hood scoop (which was exclusive the to X-Runner at the time and obviously makes it go faster) caught my attention.

My Tacoma’s first extended road trip out to the West coast and Vancouver Island.

In the spring of 2011, I made the plunge and bought my first vehicle – a 2011 Toyota Tacoma 6 speed manual, double cab, short box with the TRD sports package that came with, among other things, an upgraded alternator, upgraded Bilstein suspension, and that sweet TRD decal on the box. Among the variety of options, I chose the leather package for easier detailing, skid plate because I planned on punishing this vehicle, bug/rock deflector that only kind of works, and all season weather mats to meet my OCD needs. A lot of people ask – why the 6 speed manual? Simply because it’s more fun – and I’m a strong believer in fun. It wasn’t long before the upgrades started piling on but not before extensive research because I’m that kind of guy. Here you can find a list of the upgrades and my rationale and research behind each one.

A trip to Waiporous in early 2014

From surfing the waves of Tofino to exploring the wilderness of the Rockies – I can’t wait to see where else my Tacoma will bring me next. After all, there are an infinite number of experiences, adventures and journeys to be had.

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