Accessory – Tailgate Lock

Tailgate lock: Pop and Lock (Installed May 2011 by The Truck Outfitters)

qu49746_800It surprised me that the 2011 Tacoma did not come with a tailgate lock and it’s quite easy to remove the tailgate which could be an issue if you like it where it is. I had Truck Outfitters install this accessory but it’s easy enough to do yourself. You just need a few hand tools including a torx head. The tailgate lock itself has a lock cylinder as well as a hole to reroute the OEM backup camera. You just have to remove some zip ties and tape holding the camera’s wire harness to the tailgate frame and pop it into the new mount. Again quite simple and easy to do. Rang in at about $55 CAD for the part only and before taxes.

Cons: The lock tumbler needs a cleaning now and then from all the salt and grit built up especially after the winter season.

On another note – Pop and Lock now has an powered tailgate lock that you can splice into the same wires that lock/unlock the cab doors meaning you can control the tailgate using your key fob now! There’s a video showing you how to do the install. Should give you an idea of what installing the standard lock is like as well – just minus the wiring.


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