Tonneau Cover – Bakflip HD

Tonneau Cover: Bakflip HD (Installed May 2011 by The Truck Outfitters) – I’ve got a short box (~5 ft) so I need every inch of space I can get. The OEM trifolding tonneau cover would only allow the maximum amount of above box space if removed so I thought about getting the Retrax. Unfortunately, the Retrax tonneau cover requires ~1 ft of space for the cartridge that holds the cover. As such, I finally came upon the Backflip HD which flips back on itself and if required, can rest against the cab taking and only take up ~ 2-3″ of box space. Now I could maximize box space for carrying cargo and other equipment like my bicycles. another claim is that covering your box helps reduce drag and improve fuel mileage. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the foresight to measure this. The two rods that hold the pack up when fully opened are clipped into some wire holders when the cover is closed. The only difference between the long and short bed is one less panel in the short bed version. The tonneau cover, without installation and before taxes, costed $850 CAD.

Cons: when flipped all the way up, it’ll block off your rear view mirror. It also utilizes the bed rail system so you lose those tie down points. It also requires drilling two holes in the bottom of the bed to allow the drainage tubes to exit. this is a spot that allows dust to suck into the bed. Over time, the weather stripping will wear down and eventually allow leakage into the box. If your load is slightly too tall, the cover won’t close over those panels but isn’t an issue unless you need to be water/dust tight.

Disclaimer: None of these are my pictures but I don’t have it installed anymore on my truck so Google images it is!

Partially opened
Fully opened
Drainage tube

Verdict: For the most part, I was quite pleased with this cover. It’s been on my truck for 4.5 years. It served it’s purpose of covering the box. The rod clips needed to be replaced from time to time and the locking mechanism was starting to get a little stiff. The weather stripping could also be replaced. I’m guessing all of this is normal wear and tear over multiple years of use and abuse. I certainly tried my hardest to make the box water/dust tight but it never was 100% but not to the fault of the cover alone. There are a lot of places for dust to come into the box.

For more information, check out their link – here.


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