Parting Ways…

Dear readers and followers,

It is with regret that I’m announcing my departure from the Nooblanders. For those of you that follow us on Instagram, this was announced a while ago. I sincerely appreciate all of you who have gone through to read our posts and dropped us comments here and there and hope that somehow, some way, these posts have been useful to you in your pursuits.

I have started my own blog here: where I will continue the same objective – posting gear reviews, how to’s, and my adventures through life with the purpose of sharing and helping those who are in search of information (but really just learning from my mistakes). I’ll be updating many of the posts I wrote for this blog and slowly publishing them there including our popular roof top tent reviews. I’m hoping, as well, to post on more topics including accessorizing and maintaining my pop up tent trailer. Hope to see you at my new site! You can also follow me on my Instagram handle: @LifeofLuiness.

Thank you again for your support. Hopefully this is not good bye and I’ll see some of you at my new(ish) site!

All the very best in your life’s adventures.

Kevin (Tacoma)


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