Taco’s Toot Toot (Exhaust)


A little crispy on the bottom lip after several years in services

Exhaust: TRD Cat Back Exhaust (Installed July 2013 by Cochrane Toyota) – Even though the supercharger was pumping out some serious power, I wasn’t sure I was getting the full amount – it seemed to hesitate at times and that’s when I decided to get the cat back. For this, there were again a few options. Magnaflow and Flow Master offered some neat kits but there were problems with the materials they used resulting in rusting in Canada where there’s salt used on the snow. TRD’s kit would also preserve my powertrain warranty. So again, I went TRD. the exhaust tip gives a very satisfying low rumble but not enough to be obnoxious. Especially in the 2500-4000rpm range. Once the backflow was eliminated, I noticed a huge difference. No more hesitation in the throttle.

Google images comparison

Cons: Probably a tad more expensive than the other options but I’m ok paying a little extra to maintain warranty. The exhaust tip is a bit closer to the body and as such, since the SC runs so hot, it’s melted some of the protective paint coating just north of the exit.



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